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Business Accountability Partner


When I started Beyond Financials Consulting, the intent from the beginning was to go “beyond” the relationship most CPA’s have with their clients.  I wanted to go deeper and be a partner in the success of the business – helping my clients understand the financial aspects, but also helping them grow the business that they had dreamed about.

Most businesses start out with an idea, a skill, a talent, or a craft.   As a CPA, I can give you a list of tasks to get you from the idea to actually starting a legitimate business.  I can tell you what forms to file, where to register, what types of accounts to open, and how your taxes will work.  But when you “hang your shingle”, that is when the hard part starts and you need an accountability partner.

We all have great ideas.  I thing I wake up with one every day!  To truly reach your goals and dreams, you certainly need a plan, but it is the actions against that plan that define the winners and losers.   Most of us need someone to keep us accountable along the way.

I am a big proponent of consistency.  I will always advise someone to take small actions every day over the “big bang” approach.   “Slow and steady wins the race” may relate to a famous fable, but it is the absolute truth when it comes to building a sustainable, successful business.

I take the slow and steady approach with everything in business – hiring, funding, or launching products and services, with the intent that you accomplish each thing you set out to do.   Slow and steady doesn’t mean go so slow that you don’t complete a goal, it means focus on one thing and take consistent action to get there.  When you arrive, then you can move onto the next.

I love working with my clients at a deeper level.   The accounting and tax work is my gateway to the deeper stuff.   The most important part of my work is helping to hold clients accountable to their goals and dreams.  It is so easy to get sidetracked and jump on every request, issue, and opportunity.  Staying true to the tasks that are critical to our end game is the only way to achieve our goals.

Working with an accountability partner will help ensure you reach your goals even when there are barriers in the way.

We can help you layout your plans and keep you accountable to your goals.

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