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What is Accounting? The Real Deal…For the Small Business

September 2, 2016

I recently listened to a podcast where the interviewee was discussing industries and careers. He included Accounting in the category of “cold and heartless”. Yikes! I guess any profession related to money has that type of connotation to a degree, but the terms are so far from how I view my job and how I work with a small business.

I went into Accounting (many years ago) because I was taught that it is the “heart of business”. No matter how good of a salesperson, crafts person, or marketer a small business owner may be, if the finances don’t work or are not understood, the business will fail.  Unfortunately, many do.

As I have worked with so many small business owners over the years, I look at the idea of “heart” at another level. My clients put their heart into their businesses. They take risks that affect their families and way of life to achieve their dream. They work tirelessly to make it work. I try to ensure that the “heart” they are putting in will result in success.  I give them key steps to follow to so they can feel confident and are prepared for whatever comes their way.

I help them understand the numbers. I give them tough love when needed. I help them make decisions. During the process I get to know them intimately – their desires, fears, and what drives them every day. It is a pretty personal, heartfelt relationship.

Maybe in the corporate world there is some “heartlessness”, but when working with entrepreneurs and small business owners we both put a lot of HEART into it.

To me, accounting is not heartless, it is Heart FULL.  We would love to get to you you and your business and make sure you are on the path to success.

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