There are many alternatives for bookkeeping solutions available today. Business owners may do it themselves, use internal administrative staff, use a local part-time bookkeeper, or even use an online bookkeeping service. In each of these scenarios, the business owner usually needs another set of eyes to verify the accounting and reporting is correct as well as ensure the software and technology options are being used optimally. In some cases, the bookkeeping resource may have questions or need some training regarding how to handle specific transactions. Having a CPA on hand to provide oversight, identify issues, and answer questions will ensure your financials are on track and correct.


We offer monthly and quarterly oversight packages where we provide an in depth review of your financial statements, underlying transactions, and software integrations to ensure things are correct and on track. Where necessary, we will propose adjustments to the data, advise on software fixes, or document procedures to ensure transactions are handled correctly going forward. Our monthly packages provide as needed support for questions that come up in between our in depth review.


  • Ensure transactions are being handled correctly for financial reporting and for tax purposes.
  • Have an expert available when needed to answer the questions that always come up.
  • Avoid wasting time trying to figure out the answer yourself
  • Reduce tax preparation fees because your tax preparer can rely on your financial information which has already been reviewed and corrected by a CPA throughout the year.
  • Be confident that the accounting software and integrations you are using are working properly and passing over data correctly.
  • Have an experienced financial professional continuously looking at your numbers to point out red flags or operational issues.
“After going through a few accountants who didn’t understand our business and didn’t offer the kind of attention we needed, we chose Beyond Financials and never looked back. We’ve been working with Vicki for several years now and couldn’t be happier. She is consistent, professional, and offers guidance that goes beyond accounting. Vicki is a total rockstar.” Sunny Bonnell, Motto
“Vicki is organized, efficient and almost always quick to respond to any questions, no matter how big or small they might be. By working with Beyond Financials I have peace of mind at any point of the month or year that my books are always in order and I have some to ask anything to when it comes to taxes or financials for my S Corporation. It’s great that Vicki not only knows the books and how they should work, but is a certified accountant that is also overseeing the taxes and payroll.” Nicole LaFave, Design Womb
“Vicki is a lifesaver. She’s knowledgable and helpful when it comes to all things accounting and taxes. Vicki is super responsive and explains things so that I understand them, and she is incredibly patient in doing so. Providing both bookkeeping and tax returns has made my life so much easier! Hiring her was one of the best things I’ve done for my business.” Danielle LeComte, SECOND+WEST

Our Bookkeeping Oversight services are perfect for new or established businesses who are relying on the business owner themselves, a new or inexperience bookkeeper or a generic bookkeeping service that might not be fully in tune with their specific needs.