Marketing, branding, PR, and design agencies help implement programs to drive their client’s businesses forward.  They define a clear message and strategy that results in increased sales and growth for their clients.

Agency owners are creatives at heart and are very knowledgeable in their field.  Businesses are very willing to hire them for the expertise they bring to the table.  A great marketing or PR campaign can turn a company around.

Although they are providing extremely valuable services, we often see agencies struggling with their profitability.   Uncertainty with their pricing model, as well as questions on resource allocations is a continuous struggle. Decisions around fixed fees versus time-based billing, recurring revenue versus one-time projects, and employees versus contractors are just a few of the decisions these firms make on a daily basis.  Making the wrong decision results in a direct hit to the bottom line.

Beyond Financials Consulting provides support and services that can ensure you are making the best financial decisions for your agency.    We take the hassle out of your accounting so you can focus on what you do best, but we also take the information from the accounting system and develop reporting to give you the answers you need. We work as your partner to strategize and plan for a profitable future.