Media Companies & Influencers of today are dynamic, fast moving businesses that can range in size from a one person blog or podcaster to a large organization publishing books, selling merchandise, and generating advertising revenue.

Content drives these businesses and the cost associated with developing the content can be a challenge to manage. In addition, the various methods of generating revenue can be both exciting and daunting from a tracking perspective – affiliates, point of sale, events, sponsorships and partnerships are just a few of the many types of revenue streams depending on the business model.

These types of businesses require well thought out accounting systems and processes in order to accurately track all income sources and expenditures, as well as the ability to report on financial information in real-time as revenue transactions can be posting daily.

Beyond Financials Consulting provides services to ensure your business is handling all transactions accurately and efficiently with close management of cash flow. We help you understand your financials and ensure the revenue sources you are focusing on are profitable. We help you understand the impact of trying to monetize various areas of your business by projecting revenue and assessing the related investment. We will help you serve your audience while ensuring you are achieving your financial goals.