Can the key to growing a successful business be related to the approach prize winning farmers use to grow giant pumpkins? Yes it can!

With the right focus and strategies you can grow a remarkable business without the burnout and stress that is the reality for most entrepreneurs.

Here is the 7 step process to grow a giant pumpkin.

  • You have to plant the right seeds.
  • Water, water, water.
  • Remove all the diseased or damaged pumpkins from the vine.
  • Weed like crazy!
  • Remove all of the less promising pumpkins that are still on the vine. Put all your attention on the best one.
  • Nurture your one special pumpkin. Put all your attention on this pumpkin; stand guard over your “baby.”
  • Watch it grow. Eventually, this will happen so fast you can actually watch it unfolding.

The same steps can be used to grow the business of your dreams.

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