Even the most savvy business owners don’t always understand their financial statements. They tend to rely on their bank balance to run the business and that approach fails over the long run. In addition, even the best bookkeepers and accountants are so focused on processing transactions or filing taxes that they don’t spend time helping their clients understand and IMPROVE their financial results. Understanding the current financial state of the business is integral in being able to make informed business decisions that will increase revenue, improve profits, or smooth out cash flow.
When a business owner understands what their financial metrics should be, they have targets and goals to work towards and can structure their spending around them. How healthy is your gross profit and net profit? What should your gross profit margin be? Are you able to pay yourself a reasonable salary for the work you are performing? Can you afford to hire your first employee or hire additional employees? These types of questions require insight and analysis of the results, not just spitting out reports.


This program is one-on-one monthly or quarterly coaching with a CPA. We will review your financials, conduct analysis on the numbers and meet with you to review the results. We will define metrics specific to your industry and personal goals. Together we will set financial goals, define the actions that need to take place and keep you accountable.

The goal of this service is to teach and coach. Entrepreneurs and business owners are so good at what they do, but there is a significant gap in their ability use financial information to make strategic decisions, identify trends, and be proactive.


  • Understand your current financial results and identify the actions necessary to achieve your financial goals
  • Have a personal financial advisor to answer questions and help you make decisions.
  • Implement strategies to improve profitability and cash flow
  • Identify and manage to key financial metrics
  • Have an experienced financial professional continuously looking at your numbers to point out red flags or operational issues.
  • Be kept accountable for making the necessary changes in your business.
“Teaming up with Vicki was one of the best strategic moves I’ve made. Having a solid grasp of my business’s numbers allows me to make better decisions and to understand and appreciate areas for growth.” Nicole Feliciano, Momtrends
“We have been working with Vicki for close to 3 years; here’s why: exceptional attention to detail, superior reports, on time execution of our AP/AR functions, provides help with our tax preparation and available when we need quick answers to questions or clarifications. It has been an outstanding experience.” Charles Saldarini, Relovate
“Vicki is a lifesaver! I have recommended her to other small business owners and now they are clients — and fans! Vicki is calm and reassuring, willing to take time to explain issues and extremely adept at what she does. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” Elise Zealand, CoreMotion

Our Understand Your Numbers services are perfect for established businesses with an internal or outsourced bookkeeper who need assistance in understanding their financial statements, are looking to make improvements in their financial results or need help making financial decisions.