Beyond Financials Consulting offers Part-time CFO Services that are designed to provide our clients with professional expertise in managing their business finances, understanding the results, and supporting decision-making. Our Part-time CFO services provide you with the knowledge and expertise of a Chief Financial Officer without the expense of an annual salary.


We take the financial management requirements of your business off your plate. We can take over the invoicing, collections, payments, payroll, general bookkeeping, financial reporting and tax management processes. We also provide budgeting, projections and cash management tools. Our Part-time CFO packages are customized to your needs and billed as a monthly recurring fee.


  • Take the stress of the finances off of your plate
  • Give you peace of mind that everything is handled
  • Have the equivalent of an internal financial advisor to answer questions and help make decisions.
  • Ongoing revenue and expense analysis to ensure profitability and positive cash flow.
  • Put processes and systems in place to create efficiencies and provide real-time information.
  • Customized reporting to meet your specific business needs.
  • Have an experienced financial professional continuously looking at your numbers to point out red flags or operational issues.
“Vicki has been such a valuable resource as I’ve worked to grow my business. She is patient but firm, super organized and knowledgeable. She has helped me to develop a good understanding of the true financial picture with regard to my business, and to crystallize what needs to be done to continue to grow. In addition, she has been a great sounding board whenever I’ve found myself considering taking an important step forward.” Robyn Carter, Jump Rope Innovation
“Vicki takes the hassle out of bookkeeping for my small business – she simplifies processes, improves reporting, and generally takes stuff off my plate so I can stay focused on what I love to do.” – Marisa Smith, Same Page Leadership
“One of the best decisions I have made was retaining Beyond Financials a few months into the start of my business. Vicki is much more than an accountant – she takes her time to understand each one of her clients and helped us craft a strategy for success. She is one of my most trusted advisers and has helped us keep our company moving in the right direction.” Mohammed Iqbal, Sweatworks

Our Part-time CFO Services are perfect for established business in growth mode that need the next level of financial support.